The Alfa Giulietta instrumental for Alfa’s revival


The Alfa Romeo Giuletta possesses one of the most pretty looking designs in recent months. Seriously, if a car seemed to look good no matter what colour it comes with, surely it must be something to be reckoned with. The Giulietta and the compact Alfa Romeo MiTo have both been instrumental in the recent boost in sales for Alfa Romeo UK where for in January to June 2011 saw a 69% increase in sales. Of course there was a time when the Alfa Romeo models were less attractive but since Fiat’s rejuvenating efforts, the brand is back in business with the MiTo taking the lead and the Giulietta following suit.

The new Giulietta C-segment 5 door hatchback model was actually introduces last July which commemorated its 50 years of introduction of the Giulietta as well as the centenary year of Alfa Romeo. In the UK it starts at £17,455 on-the-road while one can also get the Cloverleaf version for only £25,010. This is where you will get the 1.4 liter petrol engine that gets you 170 horse or the 1.75 liter one with a 235 horses powertrain. Depending on which engine you choose, there are also different specifications which on top of the Cloverleaf are the Veloce, Turismo and Lusso specifications respectively.