Iwan Thomas vs Alfa Romeo MiTo around London


Iwan Thomas, the former European and Commonwealth 400 meters champion recently took a new challenge when he raced against an Alfa Romeo MiTo. If it was a straight line drag race, the MiTo would have won hands down but instead it was a 3.8 mile race around central London. The starting point was at the very popular Tower Bridge which was also where the race ended.

The track runner said that he is more used to a 400 meter race than a 4 mile race so he would need to use a different pacing strategy where the main hurdle would be the people around the busy London city. He will be up against a 1.3 JDTM MiTo engine which comes with a 285 horsepower engine and behind the wheels is Andy Turner, the 110m hurdles Commonwealth and European champion. On the navigation duty will be Chris Tomlinson who competes in the World and European Long Jump.

Alfa Romeo has yet to announce who won the race where they are currently inviting the public to guess the winner and the one who gets it right will win a £550 Alfa Romeo bike. The race video will be shown at the Aviva London Grand Prix at Crystal Palace on Friday, 5th August 2011.