4C GTA the ‘affordable’ Halo car by Alfa Romeo


Alfa Romeo had announced that the brand would be rolling out an ‘affordable’ halo car which will be around US55,000 and this announcement was made a few months ago. In fact, the news got everyone talking about how Fiat, the owner of the Alfa Romeo brand would be able to roll out the rear-engine, rear-wheel drive coupe at that price without compromising the Alfa Romeo’s status of a prestige car.

After a few months, all the industry saw as the 4C at the Geneva Show and most recently at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. So if you are wondering the USD55,000 halo car from Alfa Romeo is most likely come in the form of the 4C GTA which will start production late next year. It will be coming out from one of the factories in Italy belonging to Fiat and they are planning to roll out 20,000 to 25,000 units in the next 5 years. According to sources in Fiat, the new model will be sold in Europe mostly while they are also planning to move into the United States market too although no confirmation has yet been made. In Q4 of 2012, Alfa will also be moving out their new Giula midsize sedan as well as the first ever SUV from the brand.