Chrysler will design new Dodge car based on the Alfa Romeo Giuletta


After the recent success and well received response of the Fiat 500 in the American market, Chrysler is looking to further establish their working relationship with Fiat through their iconic Dodge cars. According to reports in the United States, the upcoming Dodge model will be made and designed based on the Alfa Romeo Giuletta, the ever so popular small luxury car in Europe.

If you haven’t already know, the Alfa Romeo Giuletta has 6 variants currently being sold in the European markets of which 3 are diesel powered engines while the petrol engine versions are powered up from 120 horses to 234 horse engines. Fiat had recently purchased 20% stake in the Chrysler Group and hence such a collaboration would surely be a very cost-effective move.

According to reports, the new Dodge model will be the successor of the current Dodge Caliber which will be arriving sometime late 2011 which will be the 2012 model. The Caliber was announced that it will be discontinued after 2011 and that will fuel more speculation of the Giuletta being the model version of its replacement. Furthermore, it would be an ideal model to continue Dodge’s competition in the small car segment and with Fiat’s intention to up their stake in Chrysler, surely more collaborations of such will follow suit.