Alfa Romeo to launch comeback to US market with 4C limited crossover model

Alfa Romeo is set to make a comeback in the United States market sometime in late 2012 where they might start off with the 4C limited edition coupe model. According to the CEO of Fiat S.p.A and the Chrysler Group which owns the Alfa Romeo brand, Sergio Marchionne they are moving ahead with the compact crossover model sometime in mid 2013 while the Giulia which is a mid-sized sedan model will follow at the end of the same year.

At the moment, Alfa Romeo cars are not entirely officially sold in America where they are being carried by some dealers and Marchionne is looking at the US to contribute 85,000 units of its half a million sales target by 2014. It seems that with the current situation and the delay faced in the production of the Giulia and its other vehicles, the target might not be reached. In 2010, Alfa rolled out only 112,000 around the world and to increase that figure by 5-fold in 3 years’ time might be a bit too ambitious.

The 4C will be their strategy to officially go into the United States where the first units will start rolling in early in 2013. But that would be a limited edition and in reaching 85,000 might be stone too far to throw.