Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione


Meet the elegant and classy 2-passenger convertible, Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione. Alfa Romeo produced the special edition of the chic sports coupe 8C Competizion for car lovers. First revealed as a concept car in an autoshow held at Frankfurt, 8C was revealed in production/prototype form at 2006 Paris autoshow. Conceptualized by the retro car designer, Wolfgang Egger, 8C once again revived the strong Alfa Romeo brand name as a superb eight-cylinder Alfa sports car.

Some critics commented that 8C is only a moderation of Maserati, but the truth is, 8C is more than meets the eye. Undeniably, 8C contains several elements extracted from Maserati Coupe, while the suspension is very much based on GranTurismo, and the outer body panels are carbon fiber. As a result, 8C has a low and stiff structure with an estimated weight of 3500 pounds, which is much lighter than other Maserati models.

As mentioned above, suspension designs are lifted from GranTurismo, while the engine is wholly developed from Maserati’s Ferrari-built V-8, bringing the horsepower up to 444 bhp. What makes 8C irresistible is the six-speed automated manual complete with paddle controls for drivers from behind the steering wheels. Engineered at the Fiat-Alfa technical center in Turin, 8C aims to provide a whole-new driving experience for car lovers.

Compared to other Ferrari models, 8C has less harsh electrohydraulic gear changes but at times, drivers will notice the frequent snap and pop from tailpipes. In addition to that, the steering wheel turning degrees are sharper than Maserati. In short, 8C is fast but noisy with about 180 miles per hour, faster than Maserati.

However, most critics agree that 8C is a fun car to satisfy wealthy car enthusiasts as the cabin is surrounded by carbon fiber and the seats are the made from the finest selection of Poltrona Frau leather. Grab handles for passengers are made from solid billet. Car enthusiasts can make extra purchase for tailored leather bags to be placed behind the seats.