Alfa Romeo 4C


The Alfa Romeo 4C is perhaps one of the most attractive models especially with its coupe design and sporty outlook. The 4C was recently launched in the US market which followed the launch of the 8C Competitizione before this.

The 4C is a great all-round roadster as it is fast and made with the best materials. In fact, the framework of the 4C is very much like a supercar. It comes with a mid-240 HP 1750 TBi all-aluminum engine which means that it is very light-weight making it ideal for fast driving.

According to the carmaker, the 4C weights only about 2,000 pounds which is about the same weight of Lotus cars. It comes with a 1.8, 4-cylinder engine paired with a 6-speed dual-clutch automated manual transmission gearbox with paddle shifters. The most significant element about the 4C is that it looks every way like a supercar. That is made all the more exciting with the mid-riff glass panel that shows off the turbo-engine made popular by Ferrari.

With 240 horses, the 4C is only about 4 meters long and 2 meters wide. The top speed for this speed devil is 258km/h and goes from zero to hundred in a whooping and out-of-this-world 4.5 seconds. Handling for the car is excellent especially with its 118cm height posture. Its light body weight and the front double wishbones with rear strut suspensions are combined excellently to maintain the composure of the car especially during high speed driving, which the 4C is very much designed to do.