Alfa Romeo’s take on concepts, the 4C


Called simply the Alfa Romeo 4C, Alfa Romeo recently unveiled the version of what the future is going to be like when they rolled out their 4C concept car. Said to represent the true essence of what an Alfa Romeo sports car will be like, Alfa Romeo have used the 2011 Goodwood Festival of Speed as the platform to showcase their new 4C, a mid-engined concept car. This model was specifically built and showcased to commemorate their 101th year in existence in the gruelling and highly competitive automotive industry.

The concept is basically a 2 seater and is typically  rear-wheel drive coupe model. The engine as mentioned is on the middle part of the car which boosts out some 200 bhps on its new and state-of-the-art Alfa TCT twin dry clutch automatic transmission gearbox. Translating this to numbers is where you get a model that gets you to 155mph tops while only needing less than 5 seconds to reach the century mark. The 4C was seen recently at the Geneva Motor Show and news has it that they will be looking to move this concept to the production lines although no confirmation of when and how it will be done.